Diagnostic and Therapy Devices

LOGIPEX is multifunctional device designed to operate in three general modes simply by attaching corresponding cable. This high performance unit guarantees efficiency and excellent results in dental treatment. LOGIPEX operates automatically and no adjustment is required. User-friendly interface eliminates sophisticated menus and all functions are triggered by one button bush only.

Last generation apex locator is based on impedance analysis combined with digital multiprocessor internal architecture. Graphic visualization and digital indication on backlight LCD provide precise monitoring of endodontic file movement in root canal. Melodious sounds facilitate operation with no need of constant display monitoring.

Vitality Scanner is designed to ensure reliable pulp vitality testing. Specially integrated processor precisely controls pulsating stimulus current to guarantee painless measurement. The stimulus pulses smoothly increase from a low level and are electronically stabilized to provide reliable results.

In Ionophoresis Therapy mode LOGIPEX provides galvanic current helping a medicine to penetrate in root canal for sterilization or therapy. Intelligent microprocessor insures smooth alteration of current value and stabilizes current flow during procedure time. Elapsed time is displayed and audible sound signals facilitate operation.

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